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Website “Architectural” Design and Appearance

When we design a website, it is done not only with an artistic eye, relevant to the industry and services, but also to attract the eyes and interests of prospective clients or customers.

We will not design a site with only an abstract “taste” in mind – but with a view to gaining you more business.  Don’t bother asking us to make a site just for abstract, artistic impressions – we are out to make sure the site will provide you with image or presence and entice visitors in the market to reach out to you and thus maximize your potential to gain their business.

You see, it is not just a matter of “what looks nice” or that great picture that absolutely must be on a website home page.  It is a matter of what your potential client is searching for, what attracts them, what they need, what they want, what they will buy from you that has value.

It can sometimes be easy to miss the importance of successfully attracting the interest of your potential customer.  Yet it is vital to securing their business.  In designing your website, we keep a strong focus on what will attract the eye and interest of those seeking your line of industry.  So when your site is created, it first and foremost is aligned to your market.  We have said it in more than one way here to emphasize its importance.

In direct terms regarding “architecture” there are things that can be expected with any site created by Web and SEO Guru.  Such things include a high level of functionality and natural paths of navigation through the site which are easy and even fun where they lend themselves to attracting business.  Another example is something called “page loading speed” which is how long it takes for a page to appear once one has clicked to it.  In our case, it is fast, specifically allowing for the best optimization for internet searching.

Other things may include function-appropriate features, like a way for your customer to visually follow the progress of their project through your site.  Or a “web store” where customers can browse and buy, place orders for products, ask for free estimates or fill out forms which can be used to begin the sales process by providing you information about their needs and wants.

Our record of getting results for the construction and renovation industry speaks for itself, and this is one way we get those results.