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Promoting a Home Improvement Business Part One – Social Media

If we compare todays average home improvement prospect compared to 20 years ago we see immediately where they are, meaning where they hang, is a lot different. 20 years ago the average home owner would listen to the radio, read newspapers and open most of their mail so obviously promoting in any of those places was effective. Also 20 years ago the average home owner would involve themselves in some social activity, like a parents association, but today that is not so much the case.
So does this mean the whole subject of promotion has changed and doesn’t work? No it doesn’t. Promotion works just the same but the prospective customers hang out in different places than they used to.

I often get asked by home improvement companies and general contractors “where is the best place to promote my business?” My answer is always “where your customers are.”
Where do today’s customers hang out? Per recent numbers almost every customer you will get pass some of their time every week (many every day) on the internet; usually using a search website or on social networks.

Now I could get on a soap box and tell you how you need a website and a whole team of people handling social networks but that may be more than some contractor can handle right now. So let’s start with very simple steps. Since the biggest social network is Facebook start by creating a Facebook page for your company.
Every few days post something new on your page; a picture of something you’ve done, a comment about the weather or anything that shows you are a real person. Let friends know you have this page and ask them to “like” it.

If you keep this up in a month or two you will start seeing some customers coming in saying they’ve found you from Facebook. If you then keep it going the number will increase and get more steady.

I hope this helps. If you need a bigger boost you can always contact us, we are here to help.