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About Us

Home Improvement Websites was established by Web and SEO Guru because of the growing number of our own construction industry clients wanting help of all kinds with their websites, their online marketing and their presence around the world-wide web.

We have been in the home improvement website and online marketing field since 2010, having entered it from a strong backdrop of decades of computer programing experience and niche software products.  It was a very short step into the internet arena for us and we rapidly became known for providing virtually anything possible for websites on the internet.

We have cutting edge products and services, some of the best graphic arts to be found and have a flexibility which can exactly fit business needs.

Our team is dedicated to one thing: helping your business to be established on the internet and capture and capitalize on your share of the market.

Our products and services for the home improvement, construction and renovation industry speak for themselves.  You’ll find this reflected in our clients’ words as recorded here on this site.

We are here to help home improvement businesses use the internet to bring in new customers and to give them a stable and knowledgeable resource in the internet field that sometimes can appear confusing.

Home Improvement Websites foundersThe Founders

Today the founders of Home Improvement Websites still take personal care that every single one of our clients gets the attention and results they need. Home Improvement Websites co-founder and internet specialist Matteo Galbiati still oversees the overall performance of every home improvement business we help.

“If you are our client I consider you a personal friend, you can always directly contact me to let me know you need more help or just tell me that things are going great.” – Matteo Galbiati